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303 Magazine Review – of the sea of the sky

A great review by Sal Christ of 303 Magazine. This is truly the most elegant description of my music I have ever heard! “A delectable listen featuring sprays of twinkle-light electronica hanging in the window of the contemporary classical genre, Denver composer Andrew Gaskins proffers his painted glass version of the world through the hum [...]

June June June…

Well here we are with another month already flying by.  Things are progressing with the opera and hopefully we will have more to report soon.  I am really excited about the chance to work on this. While we are waiting I am working on a piece for the ENO Mini Opera competition that I am [...]

New Work

What’s new? Well, 2011 was a bit of a change and a lot of work; hence the lack of updates. So far this year is picking up quickly.  In the works right now we are waiting to hear about our proposal for the operatic adaptation of Albert Camus’ Le ‘Etranger.  In addition I will have [...]