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Based in Denver, Colorado; Andrew Gaskins’ intensive engagement with the art form of music encompasses formal practice and study in both educational and live performance realms.

Trained as a classical pianist from the age of six, Andrew’s exploration of sound art spans from a mastery of multiple instruments to advanced synthesis techniques. In addition to intensive studies in recording engineering and arrangement techniques, Andrew studied with acclaimed jazz pianists in San Francisco, California. After many successful years of live performances and recording with bands, Andrew proceeded on to solo work as an electronic and orchestral/chamber composer.

Andrew now refers to his work as a form of sonic colorism and sound sculpting, and actively engages in re-visioning others musical works in the electronic realm. Andrew produces various commissioned works for film, media and visual art projects.

Andrew’s approach to music is based in a general sonic approach that does not rely on any one style. Preferring not to fall into any one category,Andrew defines himself through his sound and not a genre. Working with visual artists, other musicians and film projects, Andrew has created a sonic palette that is constantly expanding and uniquely his own.